Valentine Fly Reels are manufactured entirely in the United States by Valentine Tool & Stamping, Inc..  Valentine Tool & Stamping was established in 1946 and began producing our Planetary Fly Reels in 1972.  Valentine is a family owned business,  started by our current President, Charlie Valentine.   Valentine is located in the town of Norton Massachusetts, which is just a short distance from both Boston, MA and  Providence RI.

Valentine Tool & Stamping’s primary business is contract manufacturing of precision metal stampings.   Valentine produces components for a very diverse customer base, including: IBM, Polaroid, Texas Instruments, Tyco  Grinnell, Harris Semiconductor, and Smith & Nephew.  Industries typically served by Valentine include: computer, medical, camera, electronics, fire protection, semiconductor, and automotive.

The Valentine Fly Reel was born from a marriage of our metal working expertise and a genuine enthusiasm for fly fishing.  Designed originally for the pursuit of Atlantic Salmon, Valentine Reels have become a favorite for anglers of Steelhead and many saltwater gamefish due to their durable construction, corrosion resistance,  and dependable performance.

Valentine Fly Reels, PO Box 95  Chartley, MA 02712  -  ph(508)285-8432  fax(508)285-5510