1. Anti-Reverse design.
  2. Multiplier retreive, 50% faster retreive.
  3. Precision machined, 6061 T6 aluminum construction.
  4. Hardcoat anodizing for corrosion resistance.
  5. 3/8” wide palming rim for additional spool control.
  6. Instant, on-the-spot spool changes.
  7. Quick conversion, right or left hand retreive.
  8. Smooth strong disc drag of Delrin and stainless steel.





WF9F/200 yds 20 lb. backing

WF11F/300 yds 20 lb. backing


9.5 oz.  / 272 grams

10.8 oz. /  306 grams


3.5 in.  / 89 mm

3.8 in.  / 96.5 mm


$ 429.00

$ 449.00

Spare Spool

$ 139.00

$ 149.00

Planetary Plus.. Valentine’s Newest Offering....

1.)  50% faster line-in retrieval capability-
Planetary gear design provides three spool revolutions for every two crank revolutions....  great for fast line pickup when a hooked fish suddenly changes direction and efficient line retrieval becomes a must.

2.)  Avoid painful finger injuries on “fast fish runs”-
Convenient feature keeps crank handle knob in a stationary position when line runs out by eliminating unforgiving crank knob orbit around reel’s central spindle. ensures worry-free, finger-to-crank knob proximity for immediate fish play response.  Also, greatly reduces the incidences of torn-out hooks and broken leaders

3.)  Positive,  no-slip,  fast line retrieval-
Retrieval function is completely independent of any drag settings. Unlike most other anti-reverse reels,  there’s never a need for the drag to be “on” in order to spool line.

Unique Valentine Planetary Gear System-
Incorporates two gears, one mounted concentrically on the spool, the other affixed to the crank handle (via a stainless steel shaft and a solid bronze bearing) on an independent crankplate assembly.  Interaction between the spool and crankplate is entirely between their respective gears. Gripping the crank handle (and subsequent cranking action) engages the gears, and drives the spool and retrieves the line... quickly and positively.  Conversely, letting go of the crank handle disengages the spool and allows the line to pay out... safely.   During a ”run” the crank handle naturally gravitates to the 6 o’clock position allowing fingers to be kept at the ready for immediate spooling. In turn, the spool rotates wobble-free due to it’s balanced shape... thus, totally eliminating annoying vibrations. This simplicity of design translates into a cost saving advantage when considering the purchase of additional spools for alternate line configurations.

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